World leading synthetic turf manufacturer CCGrass announce the introduction of the new PRT® series backing system.

synthetic turf manufacturer CCGrass product PRT series backing system

Around the world, over 1000 artificial turf football pitches are disposed of annually, and can’t be fully recycled due to either latex or PU secondary backing coats. This has seen many fields go to landfill sites or simply be stored for later disposal – an unacceptable situation for future sustainability.

To address a problem that has vexed companies for so long, world leading synthetic turf manufacturer, CCGrass, has developed, tested and now introduces a new backing system into its product range. The PRT® series allows customers to install new turf that, thanks to a specially designed backing material, means the entire carpet is now fully recyclable.

At the same time, significant improvements in drainage and tuftlock are achieved, whilst the now lighter rolls are easier to transport and move during installation. A real win, win product.

PRT stands for Permeable, Recyclable, Tuftlock. With good reason, too.

Permeable -The PRT® series has been specially designed with porous backing, allowing water to drain through the backing evenly and quickly – 5 times faster than previously. Regular products add drainage holes through the latex or PU coating, and these can easily become clogged, resulting in poor drainage and eventual infill contamination. The new PRT® series also prohibits weeds growing through the back and infill seeping through drainage holes.

Recyclable – The entire turf roll, including fibres and PRT® series backing can be easily lifted at end of life before being fully recycled.

Tuftlock – Special techniques, employed in the production of the PRT® series backing, ensure individual tufts bond better, creating improved tuftlock. As a result, the PRT® series is particularly suitable for intensive use, whilst also keeping its good looks for longer.

Dr. Zhao Chungui, Director of R&D at CCGrass explains: “The advantages of the new type of turf can be found across its lifetime. Long before it is recycled easily and safely, the new lighter PRT® series products offer easier and more cost-effective transportation and installation, and then other benefits, such as improved porosity and stronger tuft lock kick in.”

About CCGrass

CCGrass was established in 2002, focusing initially on the education market in China. In 2005 CCGrass attended its first FSB show in Cologne, Germany and by 2011 was recognized by AMI (independent marketing consultants) as the largest producer in the world. In 2014 CCGrass became the first Asian FIFA Preferred Producer, and has had over 100 fields certified to FIFA requirements.

With products installed in over 100 markets, CCGrass meets stringent quality, social and environmental standards and supplies some of the world’s biggest wholesale companies with an extensive range of landscape products.

CCGrass employs over 2000 staff at its two factories.