Artificial grass promotes the new era of football game

VV Haagse Hout, Den Haag (Netherlands)

This football pitch, installed with PRT Superb 47-16 Cork products, has been FIFA Quality Pro certified, affirming its professional quality and reliability. PRT and Superb are both flagship products of CCGrass and are widely favored by customers.

These products’ exceptional durability and natural appearance complement each other perfectly, providing athletes with an optimal playing experience.

The high-quality materials used in the design of this pitch ensure its resilience to heavy usage. This pitch is excellent for athletes and football enthusiasts who demand nothing less than the best.

VV Haagse Hout, Den Haag (Netherlands)


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As a FIFA Preferred Provider, World Rugby Preferred Turf Producer and FIH Preferred Suppler, all our sports pitches use tested products and can be accredited on completion.