Experience high-quality performance on Cambridge City FC in UK

Cambridge City FC (UK)

The recently installed 3G pitch at Cambridge City Football Club in England, featuring CCGrass’s classic Stemgrass 60 football systems, has successfully completed extensive testing and proudly secured FIFA Quality certification, highlighting its adherence to exceptional standards of performance, safety, and quality. Players can now enjoy a superior training experience on a pitch that promises excellence in every aspect.

Cambridge City FC’s choice of Stemgrass reflects a classic preference, with the product enjoying 15 years of popularity in the market. Stemgrass stands out for its natural appearance, outstanding durability, and soft, player-friendly texture. In particular, the 12,000 dtex Stemgrass 60 yarn boasts a flat and wide design with a central stem, ensuring optimal infill coverage.

This FIFA Quality football ground not only meets the rigorous demands of professional club teams but also serves as a valuable asset for the local community. As a top-tier facility, it offers a beautiful and high-performing playing surface for club teams and football enthusiasts of all levels. With its durability and reliability, the pitch is available for use over 60 hours a week, providing ample opportunities for players to showcase their skills on a daily basis.

Cambridge City FC (UK)

Product features

  • Monofilament with a stem
  • The most diverse FIFA systems

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