Recently, the CCGrass artificial turf field for RDFZ King’s College School in China has certified together by FIFA and World Rugby. Our experience in creating artificial turf for a number of sports allows us to provide high-performing products for both football and rugby playing for the students at the same time. This is the first pitch in China to be awarded by both.

Our multi-certification product series was chosen for this field. The aim of this series is to cope with more than one sport to meet the needs of multiple sports at the same time. CCGrass believes multi-sports fields should never sacrifice performance quality. Our Football and Rugby system has passed both the FIFA Laboratory Test and the IRB Laboratory Test and our Football and Hockey system meets both FIFA Quality Pro Standard and FIH National Standard.

CCGrass, artificial turf field, RDFZ King's College School

Over the years, CCGrass multi-sports turf systems have been used by a large number of schools, universities, communities and amateur clubs, for they maximize function and minimize cost. In the future, we will develop more leading sports systems and continue to provide high quality fields worldwide.