Recently, four artificial turf fields in Shenzhen Youth Football Training Base (field No.4-7) have obtained FIFA’s highest level certification — FIFA Quality Pro certification.

Four FIFA Quality Pro Certificates

Being positioned as the national youth training center, the Shenzhen Youth Football Training Base will actively strive to become the southern training base for all levels winter training of the national team. At the same time, it will be built as a youth football exchange center in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and will host domestic and foreign youth football exchange events in the future. In addition, the base can meet the needs of urban youth training system construction and provide professional training and competition fields for Shenzhen youth football players. Therefore, it has higher requirements for artificial turf products.

There are totally 7 standard football fields and 3 futsal fields in the base,  among which 4 for standard and 3 for futsal are built by artificial grass. They are all installed by CCGrass FIFA certified products. CCGrass is the world’s largest artificial grass manufacturer and has become one of the FIFA Preferred Producers in the world as early as 2013. CCGrass now has over 250 FIFA certified fields worldwide, and has extremely rich experience in the production and installation of professional football artificial turf, which fully meets the needs of the base construction.

The artificial turf product used in the Base is the CCGrass Prime SM series. The cross section of Prime SM series grass yarn adopts the S-shape design for better standing and excellent resilience performance; its weight is higher than ordinary products, and the wear resistance is also improved correspondingly, which is more suitable for high requirements and high frequency use. Its tricolor grass yarn, with alternating dark and light colors, gives the product a natural appearance.

CCGrass Prime SM Series

With the completion of the Shenzhen Youth Football Training Base, we look forward to providing better quality football training and exchanging fields for the youth, as well as make a contribution to the development of youth football in China.