There is a reason why CCGrass artificial grass products have been installed in over 100 countries. Apart from offering the widest choice of surfaces, each made under an exacting quality control system, for CCGrass, it is very important to build a strong relationship with customers. This includes constantly ensuring that installed artificial grass pitches meet the highest quality standards.

Therefore, our sales teams regularly visit CCGrass installed pitches to check clients are satisfied with the surface performance. One visit happened recently in Greece, where our sales manager, Ms. Jiang, went to the Olympicos Training Field to check the pitch, which was installed in January 2016 by our local partner, TERRAIN, who carried out an excellent installation to the FIFA standards.

This artificial turf pitch is one of many CCGrass fields, which has received the FIFA Quality Pro Certification. The chosen product was Stemgrass, a strong, durable and soft fiber, which offers excellent play characteristics. Actually the Olympicos club also applies products produced by some other manufacturers. However this field applied CCGrass products has been the most frequently used and the players are very satisfied.

The Secretary of Olympicos Training Field said: “The young players are excited to train on the surface. It is perfect for intensive usage and suitable for extreme weather conditions”.

CCGrass is the world’s largest producer of synthetic turf, with over 40 million square meters produced annually and installed in over 100 countries globally. As one of the 6 FIFA Preferred Producers, CCGrass meets the highest standards in manufacture and ensures its worldwide partners are fully supported in every installation.