100% Recyclable Synthetic Turf

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PRT® series is a 100% recyclable synthetic tuf launched by CCGrass which is dramatically characterized by 100% recyclable, super water permeability and strong turf lock.

  • No Latex, No PU, No Coating
  • Super Water Permeability
  • Strong Tuftlock
  • No infill leakage
  • No thatch growing
  • Easy and flexible for installing
  • Extremely soft backing, easy for seam bonding or stitching

No Latex, No PU, No Coating

PRT 100% logo-03

100% Recyclable

  • 100% Green & Eco friendly
  • Safe and healthy for users
  • Easy and low-cost recycle

Super Water Permeability

  • Dry quickly, 5 times quicker than regular synthetic turf
  • 100% permeable, no water logging
  • Increase all-weather use

Thailand National Sports University Chumphon Campus

Strong Tuftlock

  • Applicable for intensive use
  • Longer warranty
  • > FIFA Standard