100% Recyclable Solutions

CCGrass is committed to providing complete solutions for global sustainable development and environmental protection. We provide 100% recyclable artificial grass to contribute to global green life and sustainable development.

100% recyclable artificial grass

100% recyclable tech

Our 100% recyclable tech is continually developed, using unique technology to ensure the artificial grass
can be recycled at the end of the life.
PRT is a unique technology invented by CCGrass and an alternative to traditional latex or PU systems.
PRT is fully recyclable and is designed to eliminate end of life disposal issues.
What’s more, CCGrass has created the new recyclable technology, Recyclable X, for landscape grass. Its
benefits include 100% recyclability, soft flexibility and it is an ultra-light weight product.

W Haagse Hout, Den Haag, the Netherlands

Stade des Pins, Castrie, France

PRT® series is a 100% recyclable artificial grass launched by CCGrass which is dramatically characterized by 100% recyclability, super water permeability and strong turf lock.

Recyclable X™ is a 100% recyclable solution for better Greenlife, which is
innovated with 100% recyclable tech and contributes to environmental
protection throughout its life cycle.

Easy Transportation, Less Carbon Emission
Recyclable X™ can be around 60% lighter than Latex products, easy for packing and transport, thus greatly reduce carbon emissions from transportation.

Totally Recycled After Disposal
It can be totally recycled after disposal, with no landfill required and no incineration required. For small piece, you can just throw it into the “RECYCLABLE” trash can nearby, and for big rolls, you can send to the local recycling station to dispose as pure plastic products.